You may ask: “Let the issue of teaching a child to swim is relevant and urgent to me, but why should I pay attention exactly to this proposal, while there are so many alternatives?” Clearly, the choice is entirely up to you and it determined by a number of factors. We, from our side, only wanted to draw your attention and describe some of these:
  • COACH -Undoubtedly, the most important component of training - is the coach. Your child will taught by a real professional who not only has years of experience in this area, but also the appropriate academic background. In addition, our coach is not only a good specialist, but also cheerful and charming person, and work with children is his calling.
  • MATERIAL BASE - Our classes are held in the sports club “Ķeizarmežs”, what is chosen by many famous Latvian athletes, teams and national team. The reasons for such choice is related to the particular infrastructure of the complex that combines a sports specialty with an excellent opportunities for recreation and a high level of comfort, that makes the complex in an elite health club, what, importantly, also is located in Mežaparks close to a picturesque lake. Your child will be provided with necessary equipment in our classes (floats - armlets, if necessary glasses, boards for swimming, balls, etc.). In accordance with the skills of the child, classes are conducted in a small or deep basin, using a different set of exercises. After classes in the swimming pool, children can go to bask in one of two baths of the complex or what is more popular among children, sit in the jacuzzi. Changing rooms with showers, lockers, mirrors and hair dryer are directly connected to the pool. There is a cafe in the club with good and inexpensive menu. All this and more provides a solid material foundation for the trainings not only for professional athletes but also your child.
  • SAFETY AND HYGIENE - Coach is there without interruption and are in contact with children during classes. Administrators of the pools provide a general order. Lockers in the locker room are possible to lock with a key. Valuables can be left in special boxes at the reception. General procedures in the complex implement security guard. The water of both basins of the complex is purified without cease with chlorine free filtration system. The ventilation system regenerates air and maintains its temperature at around 27°C. The staff of cleaners keep cleanliness at all times.
  • PRICES - For all the exceptional magnificence of the sports complex and ongoing classes, what includes classes in the pool and a visit to the baths and jacuzzi, the cost of classes is one of the lowest in Riga.

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