The main purpose of our classes is to teach swimming and improve health of child. Classes in the pool happen as in groups of 3 - 10 people, as individually. Individual classes may be conducted in English. The main styles that children are taught is crawl on chest and crawl on back. Depending on the physical training, initial skills of swimming and age of the child we propose a number of different forms of training:
  • BEGINNERS - The course is designed for children aged 5-8 years, who completely or practically do not know how to swim. To children who feel uncomfortable, the assistance is given to overcome fear of water. If necessary and there is willingness there may be the presence of one of parents with a child in the pool. The course takes place in a small (baby) pool with access to large, as the child gets settled skills in swimming. Upon completion of the course children feel comfortable in the water, are able to lie on back and chest, sliding on water, swim 25m and dive, holding their breath.
  • TECHNIQUE DEVELOPMENT - The course is designed for children aged 7-10 years who holds enough confident on the water, but quickly tires up, their movement are far from perfect and swimming speed is low. Children mainly are taught in the deep basin. Child gets help in the formulation of proper breathing and body movements. As the skills are settled, greater attention is given to strengthening endurance and developing of swimming technique in crawl on back and chest. Upon completion of course the child is quite confident in doing the crawl and can expand into other styles of swimming or continue swimming in the specialized section.
  • REHABILITATION - There are implementing classes for children with various disorders of the musculoskeletal, as well as disorders of posture. Classes include some elements of the course for beginners and special rehabilitation exercises. Progress of exercises in water is very unique and is achieved, usually within a sufficiently long period of time. Nevertheless, such effects as reducing tension and improving mood are achieved at the early stages of training. Children mainly are taught in a small (baby) pool, if necessary, with the participation of a parent.
  • FOR BABIES - The course is designed for kids aged 1 - 4 years. The main objective of the course is to impart child to love the water, strengthening the basic skills of swimming and hardening of the body. Children are taught only in a small pool and in the presence with the participation of a parent.

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